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Switch to Ken Dorsey from Brian Daboll at offensive coordinator is the great unknown for the Bills

Even as they are penciled in by many to win the Super Bow, the Bills have some questions. The biggest one is this — how will the offense perform with

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Ovarian cancer detection takes a step forward

A new type of technology can capture stray ovarian cancer cells from a simple blood test and successfully predict cancer in people who have a lesion or cyst in the

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United Airlines invests $15 mln in Eve Air, orders 200 air taxis

U.S. carrier United Airlines Holdings Inc (UAL.O) said on Thursday it would invest $15 million in air-taxi maker Eve Air Mobility and ordered 200 aircraft from the Embraer (EMBR3.SA)-owned startup.

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Simon Belmont and Alucard are paying a visit to Brawlhalla over Halloween

Ubisoft has confirmed that two characters from a new crossover promotion are on the way to its Smash Bros-like Brawlhalla. As an Epic Crossover for Jhala, Simon Belmont – who’s

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Ty Cobb’s dentures up for auction online

A California-based auction company is selling off an unusual piece of Detroit Tigers memorabilia: Ty Cobb’s dentures. SCP Auctions said in the listing for the false teeth that the upper

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