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A swimmer in a British Columbia channel found a ring that hade been dropped into the water by a man 17 years earlier.

Penticton police released a statement seeking the owner of a ring found in the Penticton Channel by a local swimmer, and that the ring was engraved with the names Stephanie and Noel.

The statement came to the attention of Noel Nissen’s father-in-law.

“My father-in-law reached out to me. He had seen an article on another news site and sent it my way saying, ‘Is this yours?'” Nissen told CBC News.

Nissen said he had lost his wedding ring in the channel 17 years earlier.

“That ring was lost so long ago. I was just in complete shock,” he said.

Nissen said he and some friends had spent the day at the channel and he didn’t realize until getting back to his car that the ring was missing.

He said the ring, which was returned to him just in time for his 20th wedding anniversary with wife Stephanie, remains in great condition.

“You wouldn’t believe how good of a shape it’s in after 17 years in the channel. I would have thought for sure that it would have been worn down from years of water and sand going over it,” he said.