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Mike McDaniel: It’s the Dolphins vs. the Patriots, not a one-on-one between head coaches

Miami’s Mike McDaniel has the unenviable task of making his head coaching debut against New England’s Bill Belichick in Week One. But McDaniel isn’t making more of that than what

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New insights into the role of the different meningeal layers in autoimmune-inflammatory diseases

Scientists at the Institute of Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis Research at the University Medical Center Göttingen have discovered that pathogenic immune cells use the inner, soft layers of the meninges,

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Goldman recommends traders short the euro versus Swiss franc after ECB rate hike

Goldman Sachs recommends investors short the euro against the Swiss franc following the European Central Bank’s record rate increase as they think it likely the Swiss National Bank will want

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The Gwent Impulse the pleasure of finding a great game inside a great game

Halfway through playing Cult of the Lamb I found myself engaged in a neat little dice-battling game. It was a mini-game, I guess, but it was so nicely handled, so

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Man trying to rescue cat from Ohio storm drain gets stuck in grate

Firefighters in Ohio came to the rescue of a man who got his leg stuck in the steel grate of a storm drain cover while attempting to rescue a cat.

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